Experience of using OpenSCAD

Hello everyone!

I’m back with another blog post, and today I’ll be sharing my experience of using OpenSCAD for creating a 3D Chess Bishop model.

In my previous blog I explained the step for making the Bishop, please see my previous blog.

Well so talking about the software OpenSCAD, it is a simple open source computer aided designing software which creates 3D model just by coding, the coding is quit similar to that of C, C++ languages, if one is familiar to these programming languages they can start using it no time. OpenSCAD works on functional based programming language (Haskell) and so we can use functions to get the desired shape. Yes but here we don’t include any header file. One can easily understand  those functions and its use.

It was my task to make a Chess Bishop and I didn’t took it as a task but as an opportunity to learn it, as I was very much interested in 3D designing. I begun at 11:45 pm and took about 95 minutes to complete it. In the very first 10 minutes I just tried to understand the coding, functions, shapes from the tutorial that I followed. And then I came to know to where to start, it took me around the first 20 minutes to understand the concept of 3D modeling in OpenSCAD. One should have the basic knowledge of solid, its combination, also coordinate system, and knowledge of dimensions which are the basics for the modeling.

When I started, I decided to do it in my own way rather copying the codes of the tutorial, and so you may have seen the dimensions, coordinates and also the shape of the Bishop is Little different.

At the very First step I saw the shape of Bishop refered the coding and started typing. I divided the Bishop in simple shapes which made me easy to code and combine them. After executing every line I use to compile and see how it looks, well it slows down your coding speed but is very efficient as you can edit it at that very instant rather searching for the error at the end. By doing this you can also adjust the coordinates that fits the right and rather doing the calculation and all, you can easily use your logic to place things and combine more solid.

To type coding for each individual shapes and position it took me around 40 minutes. Though the coding was simple and short but it took 40 minutes as it was my first time using this software. After then it was the time to combine all the solids and finalize it which took me around 20-25 minutes to do that.

For the beginners who are interested in 3D modeling and designing I would suggest to start with OpenSCAD as it is free, Open source, and can easily handle it. There are more 3D open source and free designing softwares but OpenSCAD could really be very helpful to start as it’s really easy to use it.

It was a great experience modeling Chess Bishop in OpenSCAD, and going to explore more about it and in the next I’ll be going to model a flower vase.

So this was all for Today and we’ll meet next time in next Blog.

Till then ” NAMASTE! “



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